For the professional, our qualified profession team makes the best protection films

The Healing Shield, Premium protection film brand of Pontree, has one stop production system for
the device measurement, cutting raw material and packing products. These production system
can be maintained and managed to improve products quality. The Healing Shield is producing
high quality goods using the specialized own know-how and technology from small portable
device to the special car film. In addition, the Healing Shield has launched 27 inch film for
the first time in Korea and secured the ability to produce a large film by its own research and
development. The Healing Shield will recompense for trust of many clients producing high quality
products based on precise manufacturing capabilities.

Healing shield uses only the film raw material high quality.

To make good products, it must be used for good quality of the materials. The Healing Shield
has been testing a myriad of samples to launch one of the film for a period of not short.
Moreover it is being produced for only a few of the proven film products to actual production by
applying our selection. In case of AFP series film of the Healing Shield, we never use the low-cost of
poor materials, and our prouducts is proud of high quality because we import the only original
Oleophobic base film which is produces by high expense and quality



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AFP Oleophobic Film

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AG Pencil Sketch Paper

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Superior AR Film

Migh-T Hard Glass

Migh-T Anti-Shock

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Virtual Skin

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Anti-Blue LCD Protector

Secret Guard LCD Protector




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